Real Eco not only provides building cleaning & maintenance, we provide the services our clients need such as trades assistance in the buildings, organizing moves and setting up elevator pads, building reports on damages or break ins, provide workers for fill in caretakers, building maintenance are a few of the services we provide.  Real Eco will provide  professional and courteous services to you and your clients at all times. Our level of customer satisfaction is high and we offer a 100% work guarantee along with competitive pricing. Real Eco prides itself in being a leader in using green products, trying to help change the way people think about ways we discard toxic products, using chemicals harmful to the environment and the people using them. We are on a mission to be a 100% green company by the year 2018 and we are well on our way. Being green is not only what one does at work, it has to carry into our personal lives as well, which includes our homes and even the vehicles we drive.   




Our Experienced Residential Services team offers superior cleaning services, providing over 350 clients a level of service that is paramount in today's cleaning industry. Uniformed maids are ready to greet all our clients.   

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Our Commercial Services Department is an industry leader in building cleaning and maintenance programs, providing cleaning services that help maintain properties and provide a level of excellence.  A well taken care of building can often attract better clients?

Real Eco provides uniformed chambermaids for your hotel or motel. Professionally trained maids that can offer a new  sense of what cleaning should really be. A room cleaned by our staff is a room we take pride in.