*Real Eco Cleaning is a leader in being a green compliant company, we believe that changing the way we clean today will help improve lives and the environment by using no  harmful chemicals. Being  green means constantly learning new things, using new equipment, especially  new technology, cleaning  products, cleaning cloths (micro fibre)  equipment with dual power switches to  conserve energy. Trying to  change the way people have cleaned for generations is an ongoing task of  education. 

 *Green products are not what they used to be. Thirty some years ago opening a 45 gallon drum of stripper would have workers passing out from the fumes. Aerosal cans  were used daily, dumping contaminated waters into city drains was a common thing and the environment  was rarely a topic of discussion.     

 *Did you know that cleaning windows today requires no detergent and no chemicals? It is the contaminated  water that leaves the streaks and spots?

​ *Purchasing equipment that uses 99% less water than conventional machines and when we dump the  water  it has been filtered so no contaminants or dirt is being dumped into city storm lines. The equipment is  expensive but one cannot put a price on a clean future.

 *Dirty mops are a thing of the past, today it is microfiber cloths used for cleaning floors.

 *Machines that can strip the wax off a floor only by using a spray of water. Technology is rapidly changing to  meet todays requirements.

 *Real Eco uses a line of products from Avmor and I can remember the first day we met in my office with the  representatives to review the products. Of course I was apprehensive and when I can see results I can then  and only then believe in them. 

 #1. EP50 is a general cleaner of Avmor and can be used to clean glass or mirrors. I was told that after time  once all the other chemicals had been removed from the mirror and with regular use of the EP50 you could  touch the mirror and it would not leave a mark. After a couple of weeks we noticed that the mirrors were very clean  and no streaks were visible when the noon day sun shined in. 

 #2. Biomor is another product of Avmor and can be used as a general cleaner as well but it also attacks  and eventually kills the bacteria causing bad odors. We have a commercial client who called me saying there was a bad odor in the stairwell and could we do anything? I opened the stairwell door the smell overpowered  me. Our cleaners sprayed the Biomor 3 times a day. Within days the smell was going away. We continued using the  product for 2 more weeks and no more odor. These products kill the bacteria that causes the smell.  

 So I am a believer and today these 2 product lines are the mainstay of our cleaning products.    


2015 Tennant  High Performance Ride on Sweeper

Real Eco -  Real People

Real Eco provides office cleaning by our professionally trained staff that can offer a new  sense of what cleaning should really be. Daily, weekly or monthly services are provided and billed monthly . We offer competitive rates and are fully equipped for any job.  


Real Eco provides building cleaning & maintenance services to clients all over Greater Vancouver.  The company provides services; such as trades assistance in buildings, organizing moves, setting up elevator pads, building reports on damages or break ins, we provide workers for fill in caretakers and building maintenance. Real eco provides not only building janitorial, we are equipped to perform lot scrubbing , pressure washing, strippng & waxing, carpet and window cleaning. Our level of customer satisfaction is high and we offer a 100% work guarantee along with competitive pricing. Real Eco prides itself in being a leader in using green products, trying to help change the way people think about ways we discard toxic products, using chemicals harmful to the environment and the people using them. We are on a mission to be a 100% green company and we are well on our way. Being green is not only what one does at work, it has to carry into our personal lives as well, which includes our homes and even the vehicles we drive. 

Looking for a company that can clean and is green , Call Real Eco at  "604-558-3358"

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Real Eco committed in providing equipment that uses less water, conserves energy and does not use chemicals for cleaning. We are changing to help the environment. 


Our Experienced Residential Services team is Urban Maids and offers superior cleaning services, providing over 300 clients a level of service that is paramount in today's cleaning industry. Uniformed maids are ready to greet all our clients with a friendly smile.   



​Cimex  Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning 

Both our M-20 and our window cleaning equipment uses this technology to help the environment by not using any chemicals to clean. 

Our Commercial Services Department is an industry leader in building cleaning and maintenance programs, providing cleaning services that help maintain properties and provide a level of excellence.  A well taken care of building can often attract better clients?

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